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“Remembrance Day” – Brave soldiers and their four legged comrades

By November 8, 2019 Uncategorized



Each year, we give honour to all those who lost their lives in war. Side by side with some of these very brave soldiers were dogs or horses in the battle field.  Have we ever thought of the horses and dogs that have lost their lives aiding us in these conflicts? During World War 1 one million horses were put into service, whether pulling guns, ration carts or ambulances. Between July 1916 and Armistice November 1918 the British army recorded 58,090 horses killed, 77,410 wounded. During World War 2 there were 50,000 dogs deployed to service and none survived. A variety of animals are used during war.  Dogs work as messengers, mine detectors and in search and rescue. To honour the animals who served alongside their human comrades the Canadian government unveiled a monument. The memorial is located at Confederation Park in Ottawa. On November 11, as we are honouring our heroes, past and present, please take a moment and remember their four legged comrades as well.

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