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New Year’s resolutions can pertain to our pets as well!

By January 10, 2019 Uncategorized


 Oh how we love the holidays, family and friends, drinks, and an overabundance of food.  January arrives and the reflection in the mirror shows us how in such a short amount of time, weight can be accumulated. The same can ring true for our pets. Company arrives feeding our four legged friends under the table and voila their weight starts to balloon. The term “couch potato” is commonly used for people, but it can pertain to pets as well. Obesity is the most common disorder in companion animals. There are many health issues related to excess weight. Diabetes, osteoarthritis and liver disease are all conditions that could be related to obesity.  Let’s take an honest look at our pet’s body condition. If you cannot discern a waist then it is time to back off the quantity of food.  To help you accomplish your pets New Year resolution visit us and have one of our staff members formulate a weight loss program exclusively for your pet.


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