Can my kitten go into heat before they reach adulthood?

By April 18, 2017 Uncategorized

Cats on average reach puberty between 5-9 months of age and occasionally even earlier. Cats tend to come into heat in relation to the season of the year. The mating season in cats is determined by a number of factors, length of daylight, and presence of other cats. Typically in this region the mating season runs from March-September. Cats are long day breeders which mean they require 12 hours of sunlight in order for the female to cycle. The heat cycle can last an average of 7 days then subside for about 9 days and then cycle on average of every 2 weeks. A cat will reach maturity at around 18 months and should reach that age before they are bred.
It is our recommendation to have your cat spayed before their first heat cycle. This eliminates the chance of an unwanted pregnancy and also prevents any reproductive disease

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