• Jul 25 2017

    speargrass awn

    Who knew grass could cause such a concern

    Speargrass: Most commonly found in the hills, meadows and ditches where a plough has never touched. The grass is a tall whitish-yellow plant that stands out amongst the green of the later…

  • Jul 11 2017


    How might the smoke from a forest fire affect your pet?

      With the unfortunate fire situation in the central part of BC the air in Vernon has become hazy and filled with smoke. We hear the warnings concerning air quality…

  • Jul 07 2017


    Keep your Pet’s cool

    The temperatures for the next while will be in the 30 degree mark. We recommend that your pet stay at home  in the shade with ample fresh water from the…

  • Jun 08 2017

    photo Jackie

    Why you should consider eye protection for your dog

    Does your dog like to hang their head out of the window when in the car? Is your dog your sidekick on your motorcycle,scooter or ATV? Imagine heading nose first…

  • May 30 2017


    Weekend Warrioritis

    Oh we have all been there. First nice day and we go from zero activity to a full throttle marathon. Then lo and behold the dreaded day after arrives. Sore…

  • Apr 20 2017

    Tessa 2

    Tessa’s first visit

    Another tough day at the clinic dealing with soft, snuggly bundles of sweetness. What a brave Tessa, having her nails trimmed by Dr. Latwat. Victoria made a foot print out…

  • Apr 18 2017


    Can my kitten go into heat before they reach adulthood?

    Cats on average reach puberty between 5-9 months of age and occasionally even earlier. Cats tend to come into heat in relation to the season of the year. The mating…

  • Mar 31 2017

    Default Image

    Spring heralds in pesky hitchhikers

    Fleas are small wingless insects who feed on the blood of animals. They multiply quickly laying approximately 30-50 eggs per day. These eggs will mostly lie on the host, some…

  • Mar 22 2017

    Default Image

    One of our wonderful Tech’s Carly is leaving

    We are saddened to have to say Good bye to one of our wonderful Tech’s Carly. Carly is moving on to a new adventure at an emergency clinic at the…

  • Jan 10 2017

    Sonia 006

    Welcome Dr. Sonia Legendre

    All of us at Vernon Veterinary Clinic would like to welcome Dr. Sonia Legendre. She is a wonderful addition to our team.